About Us is an online jewelry boutique that specializes in unique designer jewelry by notable designers from all over the world.  Some of designers are international award winners, others are well respected in their home market, a few are emerging stars in the jewelry word.  But they all have one thing in common - interesting, beautiful, and uncommon jewelry!

It is our core belief that being an online presence should not take the human element out of the business.  So Amatyzt is a small business run by it's owner, Alexa Ronngren, with trusted (and talented) friends and family members.  Each designer is treated as a partner and our customers have access to Alexa personally as if Amatyzt was a storefront on the corner of their street.

Alexa's background is diverse and comprehensive, including work at major corporations like Compaq Computers and AIG as well as being a seasoned business owner.  She is the owner and CEO of  Aldeia Global Marketing, a boutique marketing consulting firm that has gathered a good reputation since it's inception in 2007. She also co-founded FossaTec Business Systems, an enterprise software company for operations management software. Click on her picture to see her LinkedIn profile to get more information about Alexa's professional background and to read what people who worked with her are saying.

The creation of Amatyzt spans four generations and three continents in a fascinating and heartwarming journey.  Luckily, Alexa will tell you the short version of the story in her own words:

Alexa & SorayaDue to some missed connections, I didn't get to meet my father when he was alive and have just recently started meeting his side of the family.  Part of the legacy he left to me is my sister Soraya, who is GIA Certified Gemologist.  Soraya filled me in on the family history with gemstones. My great grandparents got into the gemstone business at the turn of the twentieth century back in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. By 1922, our grandparents immigrated to Brazil to mine Amethyst. Before discoveries of mines in Brazil, that beautiful purple gemstone was rare and more valuable than diamonds. Our father followed in his parents' and grandparents' footsteps exploring and mining for gemstones. He also personally cut and polished stones, then sold them wholesale to clients all over the world. Soraya continued the family tradition and sold amazing gemstones to some of the world's most exclusive brands.  As timed passed, the constant traveling took its toll. She closed shop and started working with the emerging fashion brand SkunkFunk. Our father had been really proud that Soraya followed in his footsteps, so it really bothered her to let the family tradition die with her.  When we met, we saw an opportunity to take the family business into the digital age together. Originally, Soraya and I were going to sell gemstones online, but she still has commitments with SkunkFunk.  In the process of exploring our opportunities, she introduced me to a few of the amazing designers she knew and I was absolutely blown away by the quality and originality of their work!  Amatyzt was born from the most beautiful and emotional journey of getting to know my father's side of the family. This is much more than just a business to me.

Amatyzt is now an online boutique with special pieces by esteemed jewelry designers, We will be adding more award-winning and extraordinary designers throughout the year.