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Thank you for your interstest in Amatyzt!  We are happy to provide reporters with all the resources you need to write about us.  We have gathered some information, pictures, and other material here for your convenience.  If you need anything else, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact info

Alexa Ronngren

(936) 755-1466 (forwards to wherever I am)

cell +46 (72) 357-1872  (temporarily in Sweden)

alexa at

Skype: alexastefan

2257 N. Loop 336 West, Suite140-363, Conroe, Texas 77304

Founder & Owner of Amatyzt

Alexa Ronngren

Alexa Ronngren

Founder & President 

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LinkedIn Profile

Also President of marketing consulting firm Aldeia Global Marketing.  Previous worked at Compaq Computer Corporation, AIG, and several smaller companies.

Quotes by Alexa Ronngren:

"Amatyzt is all about being the real you in this big wonderful world. It's about unique jewelry that sets you free from the confines of the expected."

“After decades of mass production, people crave original, authentic design.  And since jewelry is such a personal item, we believe it is especially important to feel that your jewelry is yours alone.”

“People dress differently depending on the occasion, their mood, or the attitude they want to portrait at that time.  Original jewelry gives people a very individual way to change the entire look of an outfit.”