Geo Earrings

Material: Modern
Finish: Sterling Silver
Movement: Pear-shaped citrines, oval iolites, and pink rhodolites
Strap: 0
Crystal: 0
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A slice of the geo bangle, this tear shaped pendant holds the same brilliant stones, hand scraped texture, and sterling silver finish. Light catching and playful. Take a ring and a bangle to match. This photo shows the version of the pear shaped citrines, oval iolites, and pink rhodolites.

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Be it a bumblebee, blingy bauble or Buddha, Alex Stein Designs has created a collection of wearable art, available in a mix of semi-precious gemstones and metals. This designer's love of gemstones stems from her childhood rock tumbler and lead to get degrees in Geology and Environmental Sciences. Today, she puts her knowlege of gem strucktures and metalic properties to good use creating beautiful, high quality, jewelry art. Famous fans of Alex's designs include Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Traci Lords, Nikki Blonsky, Country Singer Stephanie Quayle, and Indian actress and model Deepika Padukone.